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Games Workshop Websites
Games WorkshopGames Workshop is the company that produces Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000. Their website includes a range of background and hobby articles, as well as having an on-line store from which models in the current range can be bought.
Forge WorldForge World is a part of Games Workshop that releases specialist models (and supporting rules) for niche areas of Games Workshop games.
Warhammer CommunityWarhammer Community is Games Workshop's site for sharing articles with game news, hobby tips, and background information. It's the official source for news relating to the various game lines.
Fan Community Websites
Papa Nurgle's Pestilent Pus-PitGuns and Waffles is the place to go to discuss all things relating to Nurgle (replacing the now-defunct Papa Nurgle's Pestilent Pus-Pit). Visit this friendly forum to meet a host of lovely folks that will be glad to talk to you about designing, collecting, modelling, painting, playing, or indeed any other aspect of building a Nurgle army. They'll even be happy to chat about non-Nurgle topics too.
The Stuff of LegendsThe Stuff of Legends is a site that catalogues lines of miniatures for a host of fantasy and science-fiction games, from dozens of different companies. Their listings of Games Workshop models were invaluable in providing details and pictures of old models.
 Collecting Citadel Miniatures takes up where The Stuff of Legends ends. CCM's wiki has the intention of documenting all of the rarer Games Workshop models, including many that were limited releases or were never released.
LexicanumLexicanum is a pair of wikis devoted to documenting the Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000 settings. All manner of useful information has been written up by fans of Games Workshop's products to help give a deeper understanding of them.