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Black Crusade (2011), p279 — Followers of Nurgle Disorders

Table 8-6: Followers of Nurgle Disorders
0-20Entropy: This character's mere presence seems to cause the breakdown of anything within his possession. Weapons jam, vox systems malfunction, and vehicles become unreliable. Any items such as weapons, armour, gear, clothing, ammunition, vehicles, or anything else that has a Craftsmanship Rating has its rating reduced by one step while in the character's possession.
21-40Self-Mortification: The character is constantly cutting, flagellating, scarring, and branding himself for no other reason than it seems the thing to do. He suffers a -10 penalty to all Interaction tests die to his mutilated appearance.
41-60Garrulous: This character's entire life is an open book, he has no secrets and is eager and willing to share even his darkest dreams and desires with anyone who will listen. It is also nearly impossible for him to keep a secret and is not to be trusted with sensitive information, although he may claim otherwise. Whenever he is called upon to withhold information, the character needs to succeed on a Hard (-10) Willpower Test or give up the information.
61-80Slovenly: The character despises art, grace, and finery. He is uncouth, filthy and unwashed, casually destructive, and generally unpleasant to be around. He goes out of his way to despoil beauty, despises art and music, and is generally proud in his shabbiness. This character suffers a -10 penalty to any Interaction Tests when dealing with high society, strict military hierarchies, or anyone considered refined or an aesthete.
81-100A Touch of Plague: This character's body is consumed by some chronic disease. While it is not contagious, it slowly consumes the character from the inside. Thanks to his illness, this character sees his Toughness reduced by 5.