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Black Crusade (2011), p355-356 — Plaguebearer

For some, the greatest terror is the failure of the mortal shell. Decay, pestilence, and rot are constants in a galaxy populated with an uncountable number of living souls. Life begets filth and plague, and in a twisted mockery of this fact, it is human life which begets the lesser daemons of the Lord of Flies. When Nurgle's ubiquitous Rot consumes the body of a human victim, the soul is likewise consumed. This process brings into being the wretched Plaguebearers. These one-eyed daemons appear as frail, wasted human bodies with bloated stomachs, long gangling arms, and broad mouths full of broken fangs and dripping with infectious spittle. Their foreheads are peaked with a single ivory horn, crusted with dried blood, mucus and pus. In their gnarled hands, they carry thick, rusty cleavers and broad slashing blades which they use on the battlefield to spread their virulent infections. Surrounded by a thick cloud of enormous black flies, they are a horrific foe, even from across the field of battle, as their host buzzes with the wings of the flies and rumbling with a dolorous dirge. The body of a Plaguebearer appears weak and fragile, but their constant exposure to the vilest concoctions of Nurgle's cauldron has made them unnaturally resilient. Inured to pain, ignorant of the idea of injury, they fight on, even laughing at the sight of their own dismemberment.

The attitude of a Plaguebearer is often more frightening to mortals than their appearance. They solemnly drudge along, steady in the suffering and despair they cause. This is not some sadistic pleasure, like that of Slaanesh, but rather a determined appreciation of Nurgle's genius, a devotion of his art and an acknowledgment of eventual disintegration of all things. Their wish to spread disease is driven by their wish to share their Father's gifts with the galaxy. As they march, they chant out the list of poxes, plagues, and pestilence their Father has created, ever certain in their growing number and increasing virulence.

Plaguebearer (Elite)

Movement: 3/6/9/18

Wounds: 20

Armour: None

Total TB: 10

Skills: Awareness (Per), Psyniscience (Per), Scholastic Lore (Numerology) (Int), Speak Language (any one) (Int).

Talents: Crippling Strike.

Traits: Daemonic (+5), Dark Sight, Fear 3, From Beyond, Natural Weapons, Unnatural Strength (+1), Warp Instability.

Weapons: Claws and teeth (1d10+7 R; Primitive (6), Tearing, Toxic ) or Plague Sword (1d10+8 R, Pen 4, Balanced, Toxic [2]).

Infected Wounds: Whenever a target fails the Toxic Test from a Plaguebearer's attacks they also suffer 1d5 Toughness Damage. This takes into account the Plague Sword's rules.

Vomit: As a Half Action, a Plaguebearer can vomit on one victim within five metres. It must succeed on a Ballistic Skill Test to hit its foe. The target may Dodge the spew but may not Parry it. On a successful hit, the vomit deals 1d10+5 Damage. If the attack would deal Critical Damage, the vomit deals 2d10 points of Toughness Damage.

Daemonic Presence: All enemies within 10 metres of a Plaguebearer suffer -10 penalty to Willpower Tests.