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Black Crusade (2011), p300-301 — Rewards of Nurgle

Unlike his brother the Blood God, Grandfather Nurgle is ever-willing to answer the pleas of the weak and the dispossessed. To the Plague God, such pathetic mewling is a joyful chorus and it is his greatest pleasure to grant eternal life to those on the verge of death. Even greater is the jest that in accepting his gift, they damn themselves for an eternity and become the means by which countless more contract Nurgle's glorious plagues.

Corpulent Immensity

The character's frame swells and distorts until he comes to resemble the massive form of Papa Nurgle himself. His innards bloat and swell, his skin sloughs off, and pus weeps from open sores, yet he is blessed with a vigour and strength entirely at odds with his appearance.

The character gains an additional +5 Wounds, but may not make a Run Action. He also gains the Size (Enormous) Trait.

Daemonic Name

Nurgle's tallymen know the name of every disease ever to beset the mortal realm and they know the true name of the character too. The name is revealed to the recipient and bestowed upon him, granting him equal status to the denizens of Father Nurgle's bountiful Garden of Decay.

The character gains +1d5 Infamy. However, if the name is ever discovered by a foe, the foe gains the use of an additional Infamy Point (or Fate Point) when battling this character. The most powerful servants of Chaos gain countless names, and so this gift may be taken multiple times.

Daemon Weapon

The character is gifted with one of the most cherished blessings a servant of the Ruinous Powers can ever receive - a Daemon Weapon, imbued with the essence of a daemon of Chaos.

The character may generate a Daemon Weapon, bound with the essence of a Plaguebearer, as described on page 194 in the Armoury Chapter.

Face of Nurgle

The character is blessed with the most disgusting visage possible - that of Father Nurgle himself. His flesh becomes swollen and great lumps of it slough off entirely, revealing putrescent corruption beneath. Despite his loathsome, deathly countenance, the character's eyes twinkle with Nurgle's mischievous humour and darkling beneficence, and tiny Nurglings prance and caper in the putrid phlegm drooling from his ever-grinning maw.

The character gains the Fear 2 (Frightening) Trait (or increases his Fear Rating by +1 to a maximum of 4 if he already has it) plus the Peer (Mortal Followers of Nurgle) Talent.

Mark of Nurgle

The character is branded as a servant of Grandfather Nurgle and a place in the eternal cavalcade through the Gardens of the Plaguefather is reserved for him.

The character gains the Stuff of Nightmares and Unnatural Toughness (+1) Traits. In addition to these Talents, the Mark may grant further bonuses as determined by the GM and may be a prerequisite when performing rituals and interacting with various beings of the warp.

Nurgle's Rot

Nurgle's Rot is the most virulent and pleasing of all of Nurgle's countless plagues, and the character is blessed to be its host. While the character himself does not fall victim to the rot, his very touch can bestow it upon another, consuming and destroying it.

The character may spend a Full Action and roll a d100. If he rolls equal to or under his Corruption Point Total (in effect, he Tests Corruption) everyone within a number of metres equal to his Corruption Point bonus suffers 1d10 Damage with the Tainted and Toxic (4) qualities. The Damage from this power ignores Armour unless it is environmentally sealed. Those Devoted to Nurgle are unaffected by this power.

Nurgling Infestation

The character's skin stretches and writhes as loathsome shapes gestate beneath its surface. Soon after, the shapes become boils and then seeping pustules from which tiny Nurglings are hatched. These tiny creatures live in the recesses of the character's body, finding warmth and sustenance in the most unlikely of places. They are fiercely loyal to their host and fight viciously to defend their home from attack.

Once per combat the character may spill its distended guts and, in so doing, instantly summon a number of Nurglings equal to its Toughness Bonus.

Table 9-6: Rewards of Nurgle
D100 RollReward Received
01-14Corpulent Immensity
15-28Daemonic Name
29-42Daemon Weapon
43-56Face of Nurgle
56-72Mark of Nurgle
73-86Nurgle's Rot
87-100Nurgling Infestation