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Black Crusade (2011), p196-198 — Nurgle Weapon Attributes

The following are attributes for Nurgle Daemon Weapons.


During the process of this weapon's creation, it was heated in a furnace fuelled by the flesh of lepers and quenched in the bile of those who have died from plagues, forever making it a tool of the Plague God and sealing the daemon deeply within it. The daemon's vile nature, emanating through disease-forged metals, causes nausea and distress in those it strikes.

Effects: A weapon with this Quality causes a creature it wounds to lose one of their half actions next turn, as nausea and dizziness overwhelms the creature's concentration. Certain creatures, such as those with the From Beyond, Daemonic, or Machine Trait, are immune.


The weapon is corroded and discoloured, tainted irrevocably by the daemon within. With every blow, a foe's body becomes increasingly palsied and disoriented, unable to act to the fullest of their ability.

Effects: A weapon with this attribute deals 1d10 Agility Damage with every wounding hit. This is a disease effect.

Embodiment of Decay

A vile mucus clings to this weapon, and bloated, mutant flies seem perpetually to buzz around it, yet no other living thing seems able to tolerate its presence, with plants and small animals nearby sickening and dying from mere proximity.

Effects: Any mundane plant, and any animal with a size of Puny or smaller and a TB of 2 or less, will sicken and die if it remains within a number of metres equal to the daemon's Willpower Bonus for more than one round. All other creatures suffer a -10 penalty on all Toughness Tests within that distance.


The weapon's jaundiced appearance, and the way it writhes as if in pain, suggest it bears a vile malaise. The daemon within saps the strength of those it wounds, leaving them sluggish and feeble.

Effects: A weapon with this attribute deals 1d10 Strength Damage with every wounding hit. This is a disease effect.

Herald of Decay

The weapon exudes an aura that promises disease and decay to all nearby, which manifests as a noxious vapour, filled with buzzing of verminous insects and echoing with the death-rattle of the diseased. Only the greatest of daemons could create such a foul aura, which makes every wound a potentially lethal one.

Effects: A weapon with this attribute produces an aura of decay that leaves a rancid film within open wounds, causing greater pain as the slightest scratch can become infected. This aura extends around the weapon, when drawn, a number of metres equal to the daemon's Willpower Bonus. Within this range, all attacks that deal Explosive or Rending Damage gain the Toxic (1) and Felling (1) qualities, as does this weapon, regardless of the type of Damage it deals.

Pestilent Stench

The weapon is cursed with a foul smell that drives others to distraction. Few creatures can bear to stand near the rancid stench of rot and corruption.

Effects: All creatures within an area with a radius of the daemon's Willpower Bonus in metres, except those Devoted to Nurgle, suffer a -10 penalty on all Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Agility, Intelligence and Perception Tests due to feelings of nausea and revulsion.

Plague Carrier

Sealed within this weapon by runes of entropy and decay and bound by litanies of contagion written upon human skin and sealed with wax of human fat is one of Grandfather Nurgle's creations, a plague in the form of a daemon that chuckles to itself as it spreads from victim to victim.

Effects: A weapon with this attribute contains a virulent disease that spreads to anything it wounds. The weapon gains the Toxic (3) Quality, which deals 2d10 Toughness Damage upon a failed Toughness Test and makes the target contagious for the next seven rounds. Any who touch his flesh or bodily fluids within that time must pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or also suffer 2d10 Toughness Damage and become contagious for the next seven rounds, as described above.

Stream of Corruption

The weapon, bloated and distended by the daemon's presence, drips with black bile and diseased blood. Upon depressing a bony stud near the weapon's grip, it expels a spray of vile, polluted fluids towards the enemy, coating them in rancid, corrosive filth.

Effects: A weapon with this attribute gains an additional form of attack, which may be used instead of the weapon's normal attack - the weapon may not be used to attack using both the Stream of Corruption and its normal method in the same turn. It is considered to be a Basic Weapon with a range of 30m, and deals 2d10 plus the daemon's Willpower Bonus in Impact Damage, with the Felling (2), Spray, Stream, Toxic (3) and Warp Weapon qualities.