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Blightwar (2017), p29 — Nurgle Battle Traits

Armies with the Nurgle allegiance have the following ability:

Cycle of Corruption: When Nurgle's armies march across the realms, they bring with them a cycle of decay and fecundity. At the start of any battle that includes a Nurgle army, a dice must be rolled. Refer to the table opposite to see which stage of the Cycle of Corruption is currently taking place - this applies to all Nurgle armies. The Cycle of Corruption moves clockwise one step at the start of each new battle round. For example, if the roll on the Cycle of Corruption table was a 5, then Nauseous Revulsion would apply in the first battle round, Rampant Disease in the second, Corruption Regrowth in the third, and so on. The rule for the current stage applies for the duration of the battle round.

D6Stage of Corruption
1Unnatural Vitality
2Fecund Vigour
3The Burgeoning
4Plague of Misery
5Nauseous Revulsion
6Rampant Disease

1. Unnatural Vitality

Add 2" to the Move characteristic of Nurgle units.

2. Fecund Vigour

Add 1 to the wound rolls of all attacks made by Nurgle units in the combat phase.

3. The Burgeoning

Roll a dice for each unit within 1" of a terrain feature at the start of your hero phase. On a roll of 5 or more the unit suffers 1 mortal wound. Nurgle units heal 1 wound instead.

4. Plague of Misery

Re-roll battleshock test rolls of 1 for enemy units (excluding Nurgle units).

5. Nauseous Revulsion

Re-roll wound rolls of 6 or more for attacks made by enemy units (excluding Nurgle units) in the combat phase.

6. Rampant Disease

At the start of your hero phase, pick D3 different enemy units (excluding Nurgle units) within 12" of each other. Each unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Corrupted Regrowth

Nurgle units heal D3 wounds at the start of their hero phase.