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Chapter Approved: Book of the Astronomican (1988), p65 — Chapter of Whitescars Space Marines (c.901.M38-988.M41)

One unit which is unique to the Whitescars is the Souldrinkers. This is a special Assault group of which all the members are veteran hand-to-hand combat specialists. The number of squads in the group varies but there is normally at least one available to the Commander. All of the Souldrinkers have Champion status and are armed with Power Swords and Refractor fields in addition to their Powered armour. They are drawn from the ranks of the normal companies and represent those Marines who have been particularly successful over the course of previous battles. The Souldrinkers have full Company status but rarely have more than 3 squads extant and do not have any higher officers. The squad leaders (Sergeants) report directly to the Lieutenant Commander. The Souldrinkers have their own distinctive shoulder badges and honour banners and it is every Whitescar's ambition to be chosen for the unit.