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Chapter Approved 2001 (2001), p68 — Daemonic Gifts

Nurgling Infestation — 20 points

Daemon Princes of Nurgle are often huge rotting bulks of diseased and plague-ridden flesh, second only to the Great Unclean Ones in size. Hidden away amongst the leprous folds of skin, a small horde of Nurglings can often be found that become companions to the Daemon Prince, as well as unholy terrors when their host is attacked.

In assault, the Nurglings grant the Daemon Prince an extra D6 Strength 3 attacks as they swarm forward to attack the enemy. These bonus attacks do not ignore armour saving throws and are resolved with an Initiative of 3. A Nurgling Infestation may only be selected by a Daemon Prince with the Mark of Nurgle.