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Citadel Journal 9 (1995), p10 — Greater Daemon: Bubonis - Plague Titan of Nurgle

Following the death of Horus and the effective end of the Heresy, Bubonis fled to the Eye of Terror with the remainder of the Legion of Festering Death. There he dwells, a Prince among Daemons waiting to seek his vengeance on the mortals of the Imperium once again.

Points Value 1200


Bubonis is a towering warty filth covered Titan; his carapace is covered in slimy tentacular Rot Blasters and his two diseased arms grip the mighty Plague Cannon that were gifted to him by father Nurgle.

Bubonis entitles you to Titan Battle groups taken from the Legion of Festering Death.

The Legion of Festering Death is highly favoured by Nurgle and any Titans taken from this legion may be bought a number of Nurgle specific Chaos Attributes (see rules).

If Bubonis is destroyed then any Titan under his command will lose their General Chaos Attributes (Nurgle specific attributes are not affected).

Victory Points 12

Your opponent gains 12 VPs when Bubonis is destroyed