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Citadel Journal 9 (1995), p11 — Titan Legion: Legion of Festering Death

Warlord Battle Group

A Warlord Titan Battle Group consists of three Warlord Titans.

Points Value 1500


The Legion of Festering Death Warlord Titan Battle Group may only be taken as minions for BUBONIS, the Plague Titan of Nurgle.

Legion of Festering Death Titans are allowed one General Chaos Attribute each and also can be bought Nurgle Specific Chaos Attributes.

Each Warlord must remain within 25cm of at least one other Titan from the battle group. If a Titan is more than 25cm from its battle group in the orders phase it must go onto advance orders until it is back within 25cm of another Warlord from the group in the orders phase of a subsequent turn.

Warlord Battle Titans cannot be broken so they do not need to take morale checks. 8 Victory Points are awarded to the opposing player for each Warlord Titan destroyed.

Victory Points 8

Your opponent gains 8 VPs for every Warlord Titan that he destroys