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Codex Titanicus (1989), p34

Lexicanian Trask prayed the Rebel advance was faltering. Below him the Land Raider and Predator continued to fire on the Traitor Titan while the Ultramarines milled about trying to regain formation. Two Loyalist Titans raced forward on an intercept course. Trask upped the intensity of his magnoculars. Filters cut in to prevent him being blinded by plasma flare. He made out the insignia of the approaching allies: Warp Runners.

The enemy Titan loomed like gigantic skeletal death over the wasteland of twisted girders and broken buildings. Trask felt impotent and alone as far below his brother Marines fought to stave off the enemy advance.

The battle teetered in the balance. Trask hoped the Warp Runners could stop the Deaths Head before it reached the Bromium Refinery. He knew that it would only take one unlucky hit to make the whole ammo dump go up like an out of control reactor.

"Keep firing, brothers," Trask urged over his comm-link. "That last salvo almost overloaded the void shields."

The crews did not respond verbally but the intensity of their fire increased. Behind the vehicles squads of Ultramarines formed up for a desperate last stand.

A burst of fire from the leading Warp Runner caught the Traitor high on the carapace. Armour boiled and ran. The Deaths Head staggered closer: a doomed giant making on last effort to swat its tiny assailants. Once more Trask breathed a prayer.

It was going to be close.