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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2013), p52 — Epidemius

The Tallyman of Nurgle

The task of cataloguing the potency of the Plaguelord's many diseases falls to Epidemius, the Lord of Decay's chosen Tallyman. Epidemius is one of the seven Proctors of Pestilence who preside over the massed legions of Plaguebearers that answer Nurgle's call. Borne aloft on a rotten palanquin, Epidemius moves amongst the Daemons of Nurgle, making note of all the varied afflictions and poxes unleashed into the universe. It is a never-ending task, for Nurgle is constantly creative and his anarchic hordes are ever keen to spread new and wonderful diseases.

Epidemius' Nurglings act as assistants, secreting ink for his quill, growing parchment-like strips of skin from their backs for their master to tear free, and counting upon a great death's head abacus that grows from the planks of the palanquin. The Nurglings also serve as guards for the Tallyman, biting at the ankles and shins of any who threaten their beloved master. Unlike the usual babble and giggling that accompanies most Nurglings, Epidemius' brood are almost silent. They understand the importance of Epidemius' task and suffer his ire when an ill-timed titter or rasping belch breaks his concentration. Nurgle's Tallyman brooks no idleness or foolishness; hence his passage is accompanied only by the slimy squelching of the palanquin and the gnawing scratch of Epidemius' quill.

Epidemius can be found wherever Nurgle's pestilent gifts are most bountiful. His corpulent frame is often seen upon mortal battlefields, for infected injuries and fresh corpses are fecund breeding grounds for contagion, and the stench attracts Epidemius like a fly to a rotten wound. In battle, Epidemius surveys the spread of filth and decay from his lofty perch, taking careful note of every bubo, pustule and sore. If Epidemius were ever to make an error or an untimely observation, Nurgle's displeasure would be dire indeed. For this reason, Epidemius focusses wholly on his task even in the midst of desperate battle. Guided by his plague sense, Epidemius follows the filthy spoor of his master's work through both the daemonic and mortal realms. Even as Epidemius writes, Grandfather Nurgle becomes aware of his findings, distilling the information for future experiments and brews. The more observations Epidemius makes, the more the Lord of Decay's attention is drawn to him, and the greater the blessings bestowed upon his pestilent legions.


Unit Type: Infantry (Character).

Daemonic Gifts: Plaguesword (pg 62), Lesser Locus of Virulence (pg 67).

Special Rules: Daemon of Nurgle (pg 26), Daemonic Instability (pg 26), Deep Strike, Independent Character, Very Bulky.

Tally of Pestilence: Whilst Epidemius is alive, keep a count of all unsaved Wounds caused by the psychic powers, shooting and close combat attacks of Daemons of Nurgle (friend or foe) - even those that are negated by means other than saving throws, such as Feel No Pain. At the start of each of your turns, consult the table below to determine the effect of the Tally of Pestilence. All Daemons of Nurgle in units within 6" of Epidemius receive the bonus characteristic or special rule shown below. All effects from the Tally of Pestilence are cumulative.

0-6No effect
7++1 Strength
14++1 Toughness
21+Poisoned (2+) special rule
28+Feel No Pain (4+) special rule