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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2013), p21-23 — Chaos Rising

Praying For Rain — 565.M36

The droughts of Gaero Alphus worsen as the planet's elliptical orbit slowly draws it closer to its star. As Gaero's industrial tribes dwindle, malnutrition runs rife. Eventually, all animal life is sacrificed to feed the tribes' gnawing hunger. The heat drives the tribesmen to pray for divine aid. They turn to the rain dances of old, even sacrificing their own people hoping to end the drought. Grandfather Nurgle, in his benevolence, takes pity on them and grants their wish. Glorious rain comes in abundance. As each day passes, however, the clouds thicken and grow more menacing. Deserts turn into lakes, arid croplands to rotting soup, and whole population centres are drowned or devastated by disease. On the eighth day, the Tallyman of Nurgle, Epidemius, pushes his way out of the sludge to catalogue the disaster. As the constant rain lashes down, the survivors of each tribe take up arms to fight the Tallyman and his Plaguebearer hordes, but in their ailing state, they are swiftly overcome. A week later, Gaero Alphus disappears altogether from all Imperial records.


The Living Plagues of Thruscas Sine — 330.M39

In a single generation, the heretically progressive world of Thruscas Sine eradicates all natural illness from its populace. Nurgle is offended, and infests the world from pole to pole; Nurglings, Plaguebearers, Rot Flies, and finally jovial Great Unclean Ones materialise.


The Roots of Paraghast — 904.M41

During an incursion on the hive world of Paraghast, the power of Chaos transforms the principle city of Patrihive into a nightmare. It becomes a twisted prison to billions of souls, trapped within a sentient hive-thing, whose 'roots' burrow into the surrounding ash wastes for a hundred miles in every direction, attacking the defenders of Paraghast even as they fight against a legion of Nurgle and Slaanesh Daemons.


Fall of the Seers of Lugganath — 975.M41

The craftworld of Lugganath falls prey to the Brittle Coma. Its Seer Council project their spirits into the Garden of Nurgle, hoping to find the cure, but instead they meet a tragic and unsettling end.


Ghosts of Rhea's World — 992.M41

After an eruption in the heart of the cursed burial plateau of Rhea's World, a host of Plaguebearers falls upon the terrified defences of the planetary Hives.


Triptych of Grief — 871998.M41

On Galdemor, the violence committed by the Daemon legion of Braskh'har the Devious, a Herald of Slaanesh, causes such grief that a new Warp rift opens. The armies of Khal'thar'rak, the Bloodied Fang, and a host of necrotic Nurgle Daemons spill forth, led by Ku'gath Plaguefather and Prince Gurglish the Ever-Rotting. The three armies fight over the spoils of the world, leaving no creature alive by the time they eventually depart back to the Realm of Chaos.