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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016), p133 — Hellforged Artefacts of Nurgle

Daemons of Nurgle that have the option to take Daemonic Rewards can also take a Hellforged Artefact of Nurgle, paying the points shown below. These don't count towards the points spent on Daemonic Rewards, but a model can't have more than one Hellforged Artefact (of any type). Only one of each of these items may be chosen per army.

Grotti the Nurgling 1 — 40 Points

Grotti was once a mortal tribesman whose dubious personal hygiene saw him shunned even by his primitive people. After an unfortunate incident in which Grotti accidentally contaminated his tribe's stew with grox dung, leading to an epidemic of crippling gut-rot, he was finally banished from his tribe. Alone and bereft of shelter, Grotti's doom was inevitable. Yet as he slowly wasted away from starvation and fever began to take hold of his emaciated body, an otherworldly power took notice of his predicament. Nurgle gazed down upon this disgusting mortal with a sense of paternal pride and, though he chose not to save Grotti's life, spirited away his departing soul and refashioned it into a Nurgling. Ever since this unconventional apotheosis, Grotti's foetid aura has only worsened, and now has the power to wrack victims with a spectacularly messy wasting sickness.

Reduce the Toughness characteristic of all models (friend or foe) by 1 whilst they remain within 6" of a model accompanied by Grotti the Nurgling, unless they have the Daemon of Nurgle special rule.

Corruption 1 — 25 Points

This fabled weapon is the literal manifestation of corruption in its purest form. The merest scratch from its plague-ridden edge is enough to lay low the hardiest foe and can effortlessly overcome even the superhuman resilience of a Space Marine.

-*-Melee, Hyper-infection, Touch of Rust

Hyper-infection: Any hits inflicted by this weapon automatically cause Wounds (there is no need to roll). Use the bearer's Strength characteristic as normal for the purposes of armour penetration against vehicles or determining if a target suffers Instant Death.

Touch of Rust: Weapons with this special rule cause a glancing hit on an armour penetration roll of a 6, unless the roll would otherwise cause a penetrating hit.

Horn of Nurgle's Rot 2 — 35 Points

Those slain by a Daemon crowned with the fabled Horn of Nurgle's Rot are doomed to rise once more, their altered corpse joining the shambling ranks of Nurgle's tallymen.

After resolving the bearer's close combat attacks, add 1 model to a friendly unit of Plaguebearers of Nurgle within 12" of the bearer for each enemy model that was slain. The model must be placed within unit coherency, more than 1" from any enemy models. Any models that cannot be placed in this manner are lost.

Epidemia 3 — 20 Points

So prolific are the daemon-bacteria infesting this plague-flail that the body of any foe struck down by its filth-encrusted barbs swells into a quivering, pus-bloated blister, before bursting amongst its kin in a spray of deadly contagions. Thus can dozens of foes succumb to a single swing of Epidemia.

-+1-Melee, Mass Contagion, Specialist Weapon

Mass Contagion: Each time a model is removed as the result of an attack made by this weapon, its unit must immediately pass a Toughness test or suffer an additional Wound with no armour or cover saves allowed.

The Doomsday Bell 4 — 30 Points

To hear the grim tolling of this great bell upon the winds is a death sentence, for its chime heralds the arrival of Nurgle's plague hordes. Such is its dread power that a single tolling of the Doomsday Bell reverberates for long minutes, spreading dread and despair even over the clangour of battle.

The Doomsday Bell is an Instrument of Chaos. Whilst the bearer is on the battlefield, subtract 1 from the Leadership characteristic of all enemy units.

Death's Head of Duke Olaks 4 — 5 Points

Duke Olaks was once a proud leader of an ancient people who foolishly ordered his scientists to formulate an elixir to make him immortal. It was with great delight that Nurgle bestowed upon him a terrible wasting sickness for his arrogance. So torturous was the incurable contagion's effect on the duke's undying body that Olaks demanded his scientists develop an antidote to the elixir so that death could finally free him from his eternal torment. Though they dutifully succeeded in this venture, Nurgle was far from finished with his newest plaything. Duke Olaks' head now serves as a potent weapon that can be cast amongst the Lord of Decay's enemies to spread the very same plague that once afflicted its long-dead owner.

12"14Assault 1, Large Blast, One Use Only, Poisoned (2+)

1 Great Unclean One, Daemon Prince of Nurgle or Herald of Nurgle only.
2 Daemon Prince of Nurgle or Herald of Nurgle only.
3 Great Unclean One only.
4 Herald of Nurgle only.