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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016), p133 — Hellforged Artefacts of Nurgle

Grotti the Nurgling — 40 Points

Grotti was once a mortal tribesman whose dubious personal hygiene saw him shunned even by his primitive people. After an unfortunate incident in which Grotti accidentally contaminated his tribe's stew with grox dung, leading to an epidemic of crippling gut-rot, he was finally banished from his tribe. Alone and bereft of shelter, Grotti's doom was inevitable. Yet as he slowly wasted away from starvation and fever began to take hold of his emaciated body, an otherworldly power took notice of his predicament. Nurgle gazed down upon this disgusting mortal with a sense of paternal pride and, though he chose not to save Grotti's life, spirited away his departing soul and refashioned it into a Nurgling. Ever since this unconventional apotheosis, Grotti's foetid aura has only worsened, and now has the power to wrack victims with a spectacularly messy wasting sickness.

Reduce the Toughness characteristic of all models (friend or foe) by 1 whilst they remain within 6" of a model accompanied by Grotti the Nurgling, unless they have the Daemon of Nurgle special rule.

Great Unclean One, Daemon Prince of Nurgle or Herald of Nurgle only.