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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2016), p134 — Discipline of Plague

The source of Nurgle's strength has ever been the endless cycle of death, decay and eventual rebirth. As such, Nurgle's daemonic minions use the power of the Warp to trigger and accelerate this process with virulent plagues and debilitating afflictions in order to create a foetid existence that is more pleasing to their infernal master.

Primaris Power: Stream of Corruption — Warp Charge 1

The psyker's maw distends wide before spewing forth a noxious stream of disease and filth that chokes and suffocates his victims.

Stream of Corruption is a witchfire power with the following profile:

Template-3Assault 1, Poisoned (4+)

1. Debilitating Distention — Warp Charge 1

At the Daemon's command, the bodies of his enemies bulge with excruciatingly painful inflammation, every fibre of their being wracked by torturous swellings.

Debilitating Distention is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". Whilst the power is in effect, the target unit cannot Run, perform Sweeping Advances or fire Overwatch.

2. Plague Wind — Warp Charge 1

The Daemon belches forth a wind of plague that chokes and poisons his foes.

Plague Wind is a witchfire power with the profile below. It has no effect on vehicles.

12"12Assault 1, Large Blast, Poisoned (4+)

3. Miasma of Pestilence — Warp Charge 1

The daemonic followers of Nurgle use their Warp gifts to surround themselves with ghastly, vomit-inducing odours that cripple nearby foes.

Miasma of Pestilence is a blessing that targets the Psyker. At the start of each Fight sub-phase whilst this power is in effect, roll a D3. Until the end of the phase, all enemy units locked in close combat with the target or his unit suffer a penalty to their Weapon Skill and Initiative characteristics equal to the result.

4. Rancid Visitations — Warp Charge 2

The psyker reaches out a clawed hand from which drifts a vile cloud of Warp-spores. Enemies engulfed by this cloud are seized by a terribly contagious infection that blackens their flesh and rots their organs to sludge.

Rancid Visitations is a nova power with a range of 12". Each target unit must pass a Toughness test or suffer a Wound with no armour or cover saves allowed.

If a model is slain, its unit must pass another Toughness test or suffer an additional Wound with no armour or cover saves allowed. Repeat the process until a Toughness test is passed or the unit is destroyed.

5. Final Decomposition — Warp Charge 2

The Daemon forces the energies of decay deep into his victim's body, causing internal organs to liquify and gush forth from every orifice in a revolting torrent. Only the most stalwart and resolute foe can withstand such punishing physical trauma for more than a few fleeting heartbeats.

Final Decomposition is a focussed witchfire power with the profile below. It has no effect on vehicles.

12"*2Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Instant Death, Internal Liquefaction

Internal Liquefaction: Instead of rolling To Wound normally for a model hit by this attack, its controlling player must roll a D6. If the result is higher than the number of Wounds the target has remaining, it suffers 1 Wound resolved using the profile above.

6. Putrescent Vitality — Warp Charge 1-3

Beseeching Grandfather Nurgle for aid, the Daemon calls forth the blessing of the Lord of Decay to invigorate the plague-ridden bodies of his followers. Perverse vigour floods through atrophied limbs, leathery hides thicken into flabby rolls, and fresh crops of mucus-thick boils and buboes blossom.

Putrescent Vitality is a blessing that targets a single friendly unit with the Daemon of Nurgle special rule within 24". Each time this psychic power is used, choose whether it will have a Warp Charge cost of 1, 2 or 3. Whilst this power is in effect, add 1 to the Toughness characteristic of all models in the target unit for each point of Warp charge that it cost to manifest.