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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2018), p131 — Hellforged Artefacts

Horn of Nurgle's Rot

Those slain by a Daemon crowned with the fabled Horn of Nurgle's Rot are doomed to rise once more, their soul infected with an aggressive strain of Nurgle's Rot that decays and transforms them in a the space of a few heartbeats. The victim's altered corpse soon stands once more to join the shambling ranks of Nurgle's Plaguebearers.

NURGLE model only. Roll a D6 each time the bearer kills an enemy model in the Fight phase whilst within 7" of one or more friendly units of Plaguebearers. On a 4+ you can add a single Plaguebearer model to one of those units.

The Entropic Knell

To hear the grim tolling of this great bell upon the winds is a death sentence, for its sound heralds the arrival of the Plague Legions. Such is its dread power that a single peal reverberates for long minutes, spreading dread and despair even over the clangour of battle.

NURGLE model only. Enemy units must subtract 1 from their Leadership characteristic whilst they are within 7" of the bearer of the Entropic Knell.


This fabled weapon is the literal manifestation of corruption. Constantly dripping with foul ooze, the merest scratch from its plague-ridden edge is enough to lay low the hardiest foe, and its toxins can effortlessly overcome even the resilience of a Space Marine.

NURGLE model with plaguesword, balesword, bileblade or hellforged sword only. Corruption replaces the model's plaguesword, balesword, bileblade or hellforged sword and has the following profile:

Abilities: Re-roll all failed wound rolls made for this weapon.