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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2018), p121

With the War in the Rift deadlocked, the Chaos Gods arranged a formal contest to end the conflict - a great gladiatorial fight between their champions. Few mortal creatures know much of that battle, save for the disturbed dreams of prophets or insane sermons spouted by sorcerous cultists.

The battlefield itself was created when Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh each ceded part of their realms to create a hellplane all its own. So was Amalgrimm born, a prize that would be claimed by the winner.

Tzeentch sought to define the criteria by which the contest would be judged. The others, most vehemently Khorne, refused to be bound by such arbitrations, believing the last Daemon standing should decide the victor. The Blood God's only concession to the long list of Tzeentch's stipulations was to agree to limit the number of combatants, believing martial honour to be paramount. It is unknown exactly how many took part in that battle; some claim every god chose one hundred champions, each supported by a legion, while others suggest the size of the forces were based around each power's sacred number.

It was Slaanesh that attacked first, his Lashscourge Host led to battle by Ssi'lsh the Dominator, and it was they that swept away the vanguard of both Tzeentch and Khorne. However, Blothar, the most hulking of all Great Unclean Ones, deployed alongside his legion, and their advance could not be halted. More of Slaanesh's Legions of Excess took to the field, each of the Dark Prince's Daemons scoring a hundred blows for every one the diseased followers of Nurgle dealt, yet still it was not enough.

Back and forth the contest swayed, growing in scale and intensity. Upon heaving waves of fire, Skarbrand and Ghorgrax led the Rage Legions to annihilate Gol'grul and his seven Great Unclean One bodyguards. The Feathered Lord Tzax'lan-tar was struck from the skies by the Exalted Keeper of Secrets Prr-fra, and scores of individual duels erupted amidst the clash of legions. Bolts of change-magic felled Skulltaker, but Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance, reaped revenge, leading a charge that tore apart a coven of Lords of Change.

On it went, a swirling maelstrom for which each of the Chaos Gods cursed his brothers while channelling titanic energies to aid their embattled minions. Strange beasts were unleashed and powers of such magnitude unleashed that the warp itself shuddered. As the hellish attrition took its toll, it seemed that Khorne's champions would stand triumphant, until final trickery by Kairos Fateweaver stole the victory for his master. With victory slipping away due to Tzeentch's deceits, Khorne intervened, his bellow of rage sundering the Amalgrimm.

Thus concluded the War in the Rift, with each god declaring victory and disputing the claims of their brothers. The Great Game resumed, and realspace once more thundered to the sound of battle.