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Codex: Chaos Daemons (2018), p127 — Stratagems

2CP — Revolting Regeneration

Nurgle Daemons Stratagem

As the tolling of bells echoes through the warp, the flesh of Nurgle's Daemons flows like wax to seal gaping wounds.

Use this Stratagem at the end of your Movement phase. Select one of your NURGLE DAEMON units. One model in the unit regains D3 lost wounds. If there are no wounded models in the unit, and that unit has suffered any casualties, a single slain model from the unit is returned to play with one wound remaining.

1CP — Plague Banner

Nurgle Daemons Stratagem

A pervasive aura of pestilence surrounds this icon, causing rusted blades to weep with even fouler and more toxic diseases.

Use this Stratagem before the battle. Choose one of your NURGLE models with a Daemonic Icon. That icon is upgraded to a Plague Banner. In addition to its normal ability, the power of the banner can be used once per battle, just before the bearer's unit fights. When used, increase the Damage characteristic of all plagueswords carried by the bearer's unit to 2 until the end of the phase.

2CP — Locus of Fecundity

Nurgle Daemons Stratagem

Wherever Nurgle's champions walk, disease blooms and maggots hatch from rotten flesh, sustaining his minions.

Use this Stratagem at the start of any phase. Select a NURGLE DAEMON CHARACTER from your army - until the end of the phase you can re-roll Disgustingly Resilient rolls of 1 made for friendly NURGLE DAEMON units within 6" of that model.