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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2002), p23 — 0-1 Greater Daemon

Great Unclean One

Wreathed in swarms of giggling Nurglings, the Great Unclean one shambles across the battlefield spreading disease and pestilence wherever it passes. To the mortal eye it is the foulest of servants of the Ruinous Powers, appearing as a malformed being of weeping pustules and exposed, diseased organs; few men have the stomach, let alone the ability to oppose such a being.

Great Unclean One150537662310-/4+
Lord of Change160846646310-/4+
Keeper of Secrets160737644510-/4+

Number/squad: 1

Weapons: Although they may carry weapons, the effectiveness of Greater Daemons is exactly as shown on the profile above.

Options: Greater Daemons may not select from the Chaos Armoury except for Major and Minor psychic powers. See the Sorcerer special rule for more details.

Character: Each Greater Daemon is an independent character and follows all the Independent Character special rules as given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook except those relating to being shot at. Because of their sheer size it is always possible to fire at a Greater Daemon even if it has joined a unit or is within 6" of another viable target.

Transport: A Greater Daemon may not ride in a transport vehicle.

Special Rules

Possession: A Greater Daemon must possess another model to enter the battlefield. See the Daemon special rules for more details.

Fearsome: Greater Daemons have the Daemonic Visage Daemonic Ability.

Fearless: Greater Daemons never take Morale checks, never fall back and cannot be pinned.

Monstrous Creature: Greater Daemons are huge and powerful opponents. They roll 2D6 for Armour Penetration and ignore their opponents' armour saves in close combat.

Invulnerable: Greater Daemons are unnatural creatures, made from the very stuff of Chaos itself and are therefore very difficult to destroy. They may therefore made an Invulnerable save against all wounds they take, even those that would normally permit no save.

Bloodthirsters are martial daemons clad in the brass armour of Khorne. They, of all the Greater Daemons, receive a 3+ armour save as well as a 4+ Invulnerable save and may choose which to use against any attack.

Daemonic Gifts: A Keeper of Secrets has the Warp Scream ability (see Book of Slaanesh). A Great Unclean One has the Nurgling Infestation and Nurgle's Rot abilities (see Book of Nurgle). The Bloodthirster and the Lord of Change have wings. This allows them to move as if they had the Daemonic Flight ability. Because of their strength and power, a winged Greater Daemon does not have to take a test if it lands in difficult terrain.

Sorcerers: All Greater Daemons, except the Bloodthirster, have psychic powers. Each may select any one psychic power from the Chaos Armoury at no cost. They may have additional Minor Psychic Abilities at the normal points cost.

Living Icons: Greater Daemons are all aligned with one of the Chaos Gods; Bloodthirsters server Khorne, Great Unclean Ones serve Nurgle, Keepers of Secrets serve Slaanesh and Lords of Change serve Tzeentch. Such is the power of Greater Daemons that each counts as an Icon of the deity they serve so lesser Daemons can be summoned adjacent to them.

Khornate Frenzy: A Bloodthirster must always assault and perform a sweeping advance whenever possible.