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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2002), p31 — Nurglings

Nurglings are the creation of the Chaos god Nurgle. They caper across the battlefield in a putrescent tide, highlighted by a babbling cacophony of shrieks, seeking to drag larger opponents down with their infection-riddled claws and venomous bites.


Number/squad: 3-10 Nurgling bases

Weapons: Claws and teeth

Special Rules

Invulnerable: Nurglings are unnatural creatures, made from the very stuff of Chaos itself and are therefore very difficult to destroy. The saving throw on their profile is therefore Invulnerable.

Vulnerable to blasts: Template, Ordnance and Blast marker weapons inflict two wounds instead of one on Nurglings. A weapon of Strength 6 or higher will of course kill a Nurgling base outright, assuming they fail their Invulnerable save in accordance with the Instant Death rule.

Small Target: Being extremely hard to hit in cover Nurglings' cover save is at +1. Note this doesn't give them a cover save if they woudn't normally get one. Because of their diminutive size they do not block line of sight to anything behind or with them other than more Nurglings.

Children of Father Nurgle: Nurglings tend to follow in the shadow of the Champions of Nurgle consequently an army may only include one unit of Nurglings for each Independent Character or Unit with the Mark of Nurgle.

Mischevious: A unit of Nurglings cannot be trusted to hold an objective as they will inevitably wander off or try to damage it. Consequently they may never hold table quarters or objectives.

Instability: Nurglings are subject to Daemonic Instability, see special rules for more details.