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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2002), p53 — Typhus - The Traveller, Herald of Nurgle, Host of the Destroyer Hive

When Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard, allied his Legion with the forces of Warmaster Horus he did not know the price that would be paid for his decision. One amongst the Death Guard knew full well though, his name was Typhon and he had been recruited like so many others into Mortarion's forces on the feral world of Barbarus where the Primarch had grown up. Barbarus was home not only to men but also to inhuman overlords that preyed upon them. Typhon has some of their blood in his veins for he was possessed of formidable latent psychic powers that made him especially valuable as a recruit. Even as Mortarion led his Death Guard on the Emperor's Great Crusade Typhon communed with the Dark Powers.

Typhon rose to the rank of Captain, commander of the battleship Terminus Est and a full company of the Death Guard. When the Death Guard joined Horus it was he who slew the Death Guard's Navigators claiming their loyalty was still to the Emperor. It was he who promised Mortarion that his powers could lead the Death Guard through the Warp to Terra and it was he who led them to damnation, becalmed in the Warp, adrift and helpless.

When the Destroyer Plague came and the Death Guard for all their resilience were struck down, Typhon received his reward from his true master, Nurgle, Lord of Decay. As the last member of the Death Guard fell, Typhon absorbed the full power of this most terrible plague. His body became a vessel for the ultimate corruption, his armour became a hive of pestilence. He was Typhon no longer, now he was Typhus, Herald of Nurgle and the host of the Destroyer Hive.

In the Eye of Terror Mortarion shaped his Daemon World to resemble Barbarus. Typhus was sickened by the sentimentality. His loyalty was to Nurgle and Nurgle waxed strong when mortals feared death. Taking his ship and his followers Typhus returned again and again to the mortal realms and the legend of the traveller, the Herald of Nurgle was born. The rewards granted him by Nurgle are testament to a score of blighted worlds and countless damned souls.


Typhus may be included in any Death Guard Chaos Space Marine army of at least 1,500 points as its Chaos Lord. He may be accompanied by a retinue of Chosen selected as normal but must otherwise be fielded exactly as specified.

Wargear and Gifts: Mark of Nurgle, Sorcerer, Daemonic Essence (+1 Wound, included in profile), Daemonic Visage, Nurgle's Rot, Nurgling Infestation, Terminator armour, Manreaper, Warp Talisman.

Psychic Abilities: Wind of Chaos; minor powers: Affliction and Miasma of Pestilence.

Destroyer Hive: Typhus' armour and body are host to a horrific plague that manifests as a swarm of insects that pour from the cracks and vents in his armour. When he charges into combat he counts as using frag and blight grenades. When he is charged Typhus and his retinue (if any) count as being in cover. In addition, the Nurgle's Rot carried by Typhus causes wounds on a 5+ instead of a 6.

Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a retinue Typhus is an independent character and all the rules regarding independent characters apply to him. See the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook for full details on independent characters.