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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2007), p33 — Foulspawn

Foulspawn was one of the most diseased and disgusting of all Nurgle's Champions. It was said that the sight of him was so horrifying that hardened warriors who saw him gagged and wretched in disgust. Nurgle was deeply fond of his unsightly Champion, and eventually blessed him with Spawndom. While most Chaos Spawn die within hours of their transformation, such was not the fate of Foulspawn. He not only survived, he grew and prospered. By some strange quirk of will and fate (or equally strange whim of Nurgle) Foulspawn survives by absorbing the fleshy tissues and bodily fluids of living creatures, which he achieves by grabbing his prey with his sticky, toad-like tongue, and then swallowing the living creature whole!