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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2012), p16 — The Cleaved

'Call with all your soul, little one. Call and we shall answer.'

The pallid warriors known only as the Cleaved first appeared during the insurrection of Magma Cordelian. The loyalist guardsmen of the Iridian 334th had pushed their way into the rebellious Planetary Governor's palace after a sustained bombardment. The regiment's Primaris Psykers realised too late that the architecture of the Governor's keep was actually a gigantic summoning circle. Amongst the choking fumes, the insurrectionists conjured reinforcements - not Daemons, but Chaos Space Marines with strange, oil-like blood oozing from the joints in their armour. Though the new arrivals were massively outnumbered, the power-wrmoured warriors exhibited an incredibly high pain threshold, fighting on through mortal wounds to eventually repel the Iridian attack and secure the planet for the insurrectionists.