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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2012), p16 — The Purge

'All mortal creatures must die. Only then can the galaxy be born anew.'

The Purge loathe life in all its forms. They have waged their pitiless war against Mankind and alien alike since late M36, consumed by their self-imposed quest to exterminate all living creatures. Having seen first-hand the dread threat of Chaos, they believe that the galaxy is hopelessly corrupt and that the only salvation lies in the sterility of death. The Purge know that they are too few in number to achieve this on their own, and hence they pray nightly to the God of Plagues for a mighty pandemic that will destroy all lesser creatures. Though the Purge see their purpose as pure, those who witness the pestilence and starvation they leave in their wake are under no illusion as to their true allegiance.