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Codex: Chaos (1996), p58 — Beast of Nurgle

The head of this huge and slug-like daemon is fringed with fat tentacles from which oozes a paralysing slime. A creature overcome by this sticky slime will be collected after the battle and carried away to feed the broods of Nurgle.


Special Rules

All the special rules for daemons apply as described earlier. In particular, note that the Beast of Nurgle has a daemonic aura which gives it a saving throw of 4+.

The monstrous appearance of the Beast of Nurgle is as nothing compared to the stench of its foulness. The Beast causes fear as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

The Beast of Nurgle has D6 Attacks in hand-to-hand combat from its tentacles. This is determined every combat round. The slime automatically penetrates any armour that the victim has, so no armour saving throw is permitted for models wounded by the Beast.

Slime Trail
As the Beast moves it leaves a slime trail behind it. This makes it impossible for a large number of foes to attack the Beast without becoming caught up in the slime trail. To represent this factor, multiple attackers do not receive the usual bonuses when attacking the Beast: they do not receive the +1 extra Attack for each opponent after the first, nor the +1 close combat modifier for each opponent after the first.