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Codex: Chaos (1996), p140-141 — Foulspawn, Daemon Prince of Nurgle — 335 points

Foulspawn was one of the most diseased and disgusting of all Nurgle's Champions. It was said that the sight of him was so horrifying that hardened warriors who saw him were rendered incapable of any action while they gagged and wretched in disgust. Nurgle was deeply fond of his unsightly Champion, and eventually blessed him with the reward of Spawndom. Most Chaos Spawn die within minutes or hours of their transformation, either being killed in battle or expiring as their impossibly mutated bodies give out under the strain. Such was not the fate of Foulspawn, however. He not only survived, he grew and prospered. By some strange quirk of fate (or equally strange whim of Nurgle) Foulspawn was able to survive by ingesting and absorbing the fleshy tissues and bodily fluids of living creatures, which he achieves by grabbing his victim with his sticky, toad-like tongue, and then swallowing the still living creature whole!


Special Rules

Daemon Prince: Foulspawn is a Daemon Prince. All of the special rules that apply to daemons apply to him also. In particular, note that Foulspawn has a daemonic aura which gives him a saving throw of 4+.

Terror: Foulspawn exudes sheer horror, his very existence is a threat to the sanity of the most strong willed of mortals. The psychology rules for terror apply as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Remember that creatures which cause terror automatically cause fear as well. In addition, as Foulspawn is so grotesquely horrible, enemy models must take any Fear or Terror tests on 3D6, rather than 2D6 as normally is the case.

Chaos Spawn: Foulspawn moves 2D6" each movement phase. Unlike normal Chaos Spawn who move randomly, Foulspawn is allowed to choose the direction he moves in, and doesn't have to move at all if he doesn't want to! Foulspawn may therefore move over friends or foes, and will attack any model it touches, apart from daemons.

Any model that Foulspawn moves over or touches sustains 1 automatic hit for each attack Foulspawn has. Work out the result of any hits and saving throws normally, using Foulspawn's Strength and save modifier (ie S7, -4 save). Allocate hits on vehicles to random locations. Enemy models may not deliberately move over Foulspawn in their own turn. Models that do so as a result of compulsory or random movement sustain hits in the same way as models moved over by the Foulspawn in his own turn.

Foulspawn suffers wounds if a double is rolled when determining his random movement, with no saving throw allowed for his Daemonic aura. The number of wounds he suffers is equal to the double rolled - eg, if you roll double 1 take 1 wound, double 4 take 4 wounds, double 6 take 6 wounds, etc. Foulspawn can also be wounded by shooting, psychic powers and so on. Enemy models may not attack Foulspawn in hand-to-hand fighting.

Absorb Bodily Tissue: Any wounds inflicted by Foulspawn may be used by him to replace any wounds he has lost himself. Note that this may not take Foulspawn's wounds total higher than it was at the start of the battle.

Toad-Like Tongue: Foulspawn can 'shoot' his toad-like tongue at one enemy model within 12" of him during his shooting phase. Roll to hit as normal. If the victim is hit they are dragged into base-to-base contact with Foulspawn, unless their strength (or ram value for a vehicle) is equal to or higher than Foulspawn's strength. Models dragged into base-to-base contact suffer damage as described above.

Nurgle's Cloud of Flies: A huge cloud of flies surrounds Foulspawn at all times. All enemy models within 6" of Foulspawn suffer a -1 modifier to their weapon skill and ballistic skill.

Psychic Powers: Foulspawn has a psychic mastery level of 4 and has all four of Nurgle's psychic powers.