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Codex: Chaos (1996), p75 — Close Combat Weapons

Blight Grenades

StrengthDamageSave Mod.Area

Blight grenades are made from the shrunken heads of those killed by Nurgle's favourite plagues. The head is filled with virulent pus and infected, biting flies before its orifices are stoppered with wax. When the grenade is thrown it splatters across the target area, forming puddles of purulent slime and noisome clouds of buzzing flies.

The standard Grenade rules apply for throwing a Blight grenade, and they may be used for targetting an area of ground like Smoke or Blind grenades. Place a Blight marker where the grenade lands (some are included in the colour section but Wound markers from Warhammer 40,000 serve just as well). Models within 2" of the marker will suffer a hit; models partially within range will be hit on a D6 roll of 4, 5 or 6. Affected models suffer a hit with a Strength value of D6 which will inflict 1 wound.

Roll for the Strength of tha attack separately against each target. If a 1 is rolled for the Strength of any hit the Blight has dissipated to the point where it is no longer dangerous (just unpleasant). In this case the S1 hit is resolved then the marker is removed and has no further effect on the game - any other models which were in the area of effect have a lucky escape. Any Nurgle daemons or Chaos models which bear the Mark of Nurgle are immune to the effects of Blight grenades.

Any armour saving throws for affected models apply as normal and are not modified. Note that even sealed armour is no sure defence against the Blight: flies will block up breathers, pus may work its way into flexible joint and eye pieces and so on. Models affected by the Blight cannot take saving throws for energy fields or dodges.

Exposed crewmen on vehicles may be affected by the Blight just like foot troops. Roll a D6 for enclosed vehicles within range. On a 6 the Blight gets inside and affects the crew: roll a D6 for the Strength of the hit against each crewman as noted above. Dreadnoughts and robots are completely unaffected by Blight grenades.

Blight markers that are still in place can continue to infect anyone who moves within 2" of them in future turns. Models which were affected in previous turns which do not move out of the area of effect of a Blight marker in their next movement phase will also suffer an additional hit. Roll for the Strength of the hit as above: on a roll of 1 the Blight marker is removed after inflicting a S1 hit.