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Codex: Chaos (1996), p57 — Nurglings

Nurgle's disgusting daemons spill into the world like a plague, riding upon a tide of tiny daemons which swirl about the horde like an infestation. These tiny daemons are Nurglings, small but malevolent things that feed upon corruption. Although tiny they are as hideous as their master, each a minute replica of Nurgle, round and bloated with disease. They swarm around the Greater Daemons, scurrying over their decaying bodies and sucking at boils for their nourishment, nestling within their master's spilling entrails for succour.

Because of their diminutive size Nurglings are represented by a large base crammed with many individual creatures. Individual models don't fight but the whole base is treated as a single monstrous creature with several Attacks and able to withstand several wounds.

Nurgling base433333437

Special Rules

All the special rules for daemons apply as described earlier. In particular, note that a base of Nurglings has a daemonic aura which gives it a saving throw of 4+.

Nurglings spill over their victims like an irrepressible tide of foulness that is an assault to mind and body alike. Nurglings cause fear as described in the main rulebook.

Nurglings are far more common in the material universe than any other type of daemon, and wherever there are followers of Nurgle, you can be sure you'll find some Nurglings too! Because of this any Nurglings included in an army may be set up at the start of the battle if you want, and do not have to be summoned to the battlefield. Note that you can choose to summon Nurglings if you wish, it's just that you don't have to! In addition, Nurglings cannot be banished back to the warp.