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Codex: Chaos (1996), p58 — Plaguebearer of Nurgle

It is said that the fate of those who die of the foul disease Nurgle's Rot is to serve the Lord of Decay forever in the most disgusting form of a daemon called a Plaguebearer.

Huge black flies lay their filthy eggs on these foul daemons, and clumps of maggots crawl and clamber over their putrid hides, feeding upon the putrescent matter that drips from their oozing sores. When the flies hatch, they swarm around the Plaguebearer in a buzzing cloud of vileness, and will turn upon and attack its enemies.

The Plaguebearer's body is swollen with contagion, and churning innards spill from tears in their rancid skin. It has a single baleful eye and from its head sprouts a long horn. In its clawed hand the daemon carries a sword with a distorted barbed edge. This is the Plaguesword of Nurgle whose touch brings disease and death to mortal creatures.


Special Rules

All the special rules for daemons apply as described earlier. In particular, note that the Plaguebearer has a daemonic aura which gives it a saving throw of 4+.

The foulness of the Plaguebearer overturns the mind and its indescribable stench induces nausea amd fear. The Plaguebearer causes fear as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

The Plaguesword drips with venomous slime. A wound from this weapon will kill mortal creatures outright on the D6 roll of a 4 or more, regardless of how many wounds the target can normally sustain. On a roll of 1-3 the Plaguesword only causes 1 wound. Note that this only applies to mortal foes, not to other daemons. In addition, the Plaguesword allows the Plaguebearer to parry.

Cloud of Flies
The Plaguebearer is surrounded by a black cloud of flies that feed upon his putrid skin. When the Plaguebearers are fighting these evil buzzing creatures fly into the eyes and mouths of their enemies, clogging their ears and crawling up their nostrils. Any enemy fighting a Plaguebearer must deduct -1 from his hand-to-hand combat score due to the distraction of the Plaguebearer's flies.