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Codex: Chaos (1996), p75 — Close Combat Weapons

Plague Knife

Plague Marines of Nurgle are armed with rusty, dirt encrusted blades which have been blessed with some of the Lord of Decay's most purulent diseases. A deep cut from a Plague knife will fester and become gangrenous within moments, poisoning the victim's blood and rotting away their flesh.

Special Rules: A Plague knife drips with virulent slime. A wound from this weapon will kill mortal creatures outright on a D6 roll of 6 regardless of how many wounds the target can sustain normally; on a roll of 1-5 the knife just inflicts 1 wound. Only mortal creatures are vulnerable to the Plague knife, not daemons.

Short RangeLong RangeTo Hit ShortTo Hit LongStrDamSave ModArmour Pen
Close combat onlyAs User1As UserVar