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Codex: Eye of Terror (2003), p16 — The Forces of Abaddon the Despoiler

Recorded Traitor Legiones Astartes

Alpha Legion
20+ unconfirmed sightings - all sectors
Black Legion
Major presence - all sectors
Death Guard
Major presence - Sabiaco Diablo
Emperor's Children
Unconfirmed actions against Eldar reported
Iron Warriors
Suspected presence - Cadian system
Night Lords
Unconfirmed reports - all sectors
Sons of Malice
Active - Scelus sector
Thousand Sons
Active - Caliban and Prospero sectors
3 confirmed actions - Cadian sector
Warp Ghosts
Unconfirmed sighting - Agripinaa system
World Eaters
Significant involvement - all sectors
Word Bearers
Active - rear echelon sectors

Known Traitor Legio Titanicus

Deaths Heads
Major presence confirmed - Cadia
Death Stalkers
Unconfirmed involvement - Cadia
Fire Masters
Limited presence - Cadian sector
Iron Skulls
Major force sighted - Vorga Torq
Legio Vulcanum I
4 unconfirmed assaults - Belisar and Kromat
Legio Vulcanum II
Suspected presence - Sabiaco Diablo

Major Traitor Guard Units

5th Columnus
Presence confirmed - Belis Corona
666th Regiment of Foot
Confirmed presence - Cadia
Discilian Apostates
Jenen Ironclads
Major presence - Kromat system
Sentrek Freemen
3 suspected sightings - Barisa system
The Traitor 9th
Significant presence  Kantrael system
Ubridius Light Infantry
Major presence  Cadian sector
Volscani Cataphracts
Active - Cadia
++Continued in File IO/57++

Estimated Mutant Hordes

The Annointed of Aq'si
6 attacks confirmed - Belisar system
The Shyis'slaa
Linked to cult uprisings - Albitern system
The Stigmatus Covenant
Significant presence - Mackan system
The Unsanctified
Unconfirmed involvement - Bar-el system
++Continued in File DE/80++

Recorded Traitor Fleet Units

+Estimated Traitor Fleet Assets

Battle Fleets
est. 38
Blackstone Fortresses
'Wolf Pack' Squadrons
est. 19
+Battlefleets of Note
The Grand Fleet of the Despoiler
7 Battleships
13 heavy cruisers
est. 23 cruiser squadrons
est. 30 escort squadrons
The Fleet of Kosolax the Foresworn
1 Battleship
3 cruiser squadrons
8 escort squadrons
The Plague Fleet of Typhus, Herald of Nurgle
Terminus Est
2 Battleships
3 heavy cruisers
5 cruiser squadrons
est. 12 escort squadrons
+Vessels of Note
Unknown class
Styx class heavy cruiser
Planet Killer
Undesignated class capital vessel
Merciless Death
Despoiler class battleship
Fortress of Agony
Despoiler class battleship
++Continued in File WW/33++