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Codex Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights (2017), p103

Darkness shrouded the sepulchre, only the wavering light from a handful of sacred candles piercing the gloom. The vaulted ceiling was invisible beyond the candles' glow, the flickering light reflecting from the armour of the Grey Knights who carried them. Six warriors, led by a scarred Brother-Captain in heavily ornamented Terminator armour, made their way through the crypt. On their shoulders, they carried a bier, upon which lay the body of a fallen comrade, his armour removed and flesh purified with cleansing unguents.

The Brother-Captain was named Ceasarian, and carried a Nemesis halberd before him, his voice echoing through the dead air of the tomb as he continued his recital.

'...And on the fields of Charnis did Brother-Captain Ignatius banish a Daemon Prince of the Plague Lord, whose blasphemous name I will not utter, casting him back to the warp for a thousand years and a day.'