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Codex Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights (2017), p37 — Narthecium

The narthecium is the med-pack used to deliver emergency ministrations and life-saving chem-injections to fallen Grey Knights, and is the most important tool of an Apothecary. It includes arrays of scanning occulums and augularium fonts to diagnose the extent of any injury. Though all Space Marine Apothecaries utilise a narthecium, those employed by the Grey Knights have been tailored to the Chapter's specific needs and are amongst the finest and most elaborate in the Imperium - they must be in order to counter the effects of the horrendous and insidious weapons used against them. If a battle-brother is cut by the wretched blade of a Nurglesque plaguesword, an Apothecary can locate and purge the daemonic infections that quickly begin coursing through flesh and bodily fluids.