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Codex Supplement: Traitor Legions (2016), p121 — Discipline of Nurgle

Psykers that are blessed by Grandfather Nurgle can channel the Plague God's corrupting powers to debilitate or infect their victims with rancid visitations. Even those fortunate enough to survive the touch of such unwholesome energies will forever be tormented by their legacy.

Primaris Power: Nurgle's Rot — Warp Charge 1

Gurgling praise to Father Nurgle, the psyker selflessly exudes a disgusting wave of soul-pox. All those nearby are covered in a layer of toxic goo so foul it can kill in seconds.

Nurgle's Rot is a nova power with the profile below. Note that Daemons of Nurgle and models with the Mark of Nurgle are unaffected by Nurgle's Rot - in fact, they find it rather refreshing!

6"25Assault D6+1

1. Weapon Virus — Warp Charge 1

The psyker invokes the generosity of his patron, infesting his foe's weaponry with viral decay.

Weapon Virus is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". All of the target unit's ranged weapons have the Gets Hot special rule whilst the power is in effect.

2. Fleshy Abundance — Warp Charge 1

Nurgle's bountiful energies surge through the target and the deep wounds that score their flanks begin to secrete foul fluids that thicken and harden upon contact with the air. By the time the psyker's power has run its course, the target's injuries are nowhere to be seen, hidden beneath the swollen folds of new fleshy growth.

Fleshy Abundance is a blessing that targets a single friendly model within 14" of the Psyker. The affected model immediately regains D3 Wounds lost earlier in the battle.

3. Blades of Putrefaction — Warp Charge 1

As the psyker draws forth more of Grandfather Nurgle's power from the Warp, the blades of his allies begin to rust and secrete foul, pus-like fluids, the stench alone of which bears the promise of disease.

Blades of Putrefaction is a blessing with a range of 14". The Melee weapons of all models in the target unit have the Poisoned (4+) special rule whilst this power is in effect. Any models that already had the Poisoned special rule on their Melee weapons or attacks instead have the Poisoned (2+) special rule whilst this power is in effect.

4. Gift of Contagion — Warp Charge 1

The psyker gathers clouds of contagion and Rot Flies about his enemies, granting them Father Nurgle's blessing.

Gift of Contagion is a malediction that affects a single enemy unit within 48". Roll on the table below to see what effect it has on every model in the unit whilst the power is in effect. The effects of multiple Gifts of Contagion are cumulative.

D3Disease Granted
1Flyblown Palsy: -1 Attack and the Shrouded special rule.
2Muscular Atrophy: -1 Strength and may not Run.
3Liquefying Ague: -1 Strength and -1 Toughness.

5. Plague Wind — Warp Charge 2

The psyker belches forth a wind of plague that blows through his foes.

Plague Wind is a witchfire power with the profile below. It has no effect on vehicles.

12"12Assault 1, Large Blast, Poisoned (4+)

6. Curse of the Leper — Warp Charge 2

The victims of this curse find themselves weakened and drained by its enervating touch, yet those that bear Nurgle's favour are instead granted new strength by the rancourous energies coursing through their bloated bodies.

Curse of the Leper is a blessing if it targets a friendly unit, or a malediction if it targets an enemy unit; in either case, it must target a single unit within 21" of the Psyker. If Curse of the Leper is used to target a friendly unit, all models in that unit add 1 to their Strength and Toughness characteristics whilst this power is in effect; if used to target an enemy unit, all models in that unit must reduce their Strength and Toughness characteristic by 1 whilst this power is in effect.