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Codex Supplement: Traitor Legions (2016), p120 — Death Guard Tactical Objectives

Presented below are six Tactical Objectives to use in your games of Warhammer 40,000, which are exclusive to Death Guard players and reflect the foetid and utterly relentless nature of the Death Guard in battle.

Tactical Objectives

If your Warlord is from a Death Guard Detachment or Formation, you may replace the Capture & Control Tactical Objectives (numbers 11-16) described in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules with the Tactical Objectives on this page.

If a Warhammer 40,000 mission has the Tactical Objectives special rule, players use the normal rules for using Tactical Objectives with the following exception: when a Death Guard player using these Tactical Objectives generates a Capture & Control objective (numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16), they instead generate the corresponding Death Guard Tactical Objective, as shown in the table. Other Tactical Objectives (numbers 21-66) are generated normally.

11Death March
12Pain is for the Weak
13Nurgle's Gift
14Spread Plague and Contagion
15Symbol of the Fly-Lord
16Death Begets Life

11: Death March

Type: Death Guard

The slow, inexorable advance of the Death Guard has been the death knell of worlds beyond count.

Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least 3 of your units are within your opponent's table half.

12: Pain is for the Weak

Type: Death Guard

Nurgle despises physical frailty and blesses his followers with bloated bodies filled with decay that they may forever forgo its touch.

This Tactical Objective is achieved if you make at least 7 Feel No Pain rolls in any single phase. You immediately score 1 Victory Point.

13: Nurgle's Gift

Type: Death Guard

Nurgle enjoys little more than watching his followers spread his diseases upon the mortal races.

Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one enemy unit was completely destroyed by a weapon or psychic power that had the Poisoned special rule during that turn.

14: Spread Plague and Contagion

Type: Death Guard

The lords of the Death Guard have survived for countless centuries, enduring to spread disease to every world they invade.

When this Tactical Objective is generated, nominate one of your Death Guard characters. Score 1 Victory Point at the end of the game if this character is still alive and on the table.

15: Symbol of the Fly-Lord

Type: Death Guard

The symbolism of the three-eyed fly holds great meaning to the worshippers of the Plague God.

Score D3 Victory Points at the end of your turn if you control exactly three Objective Markers - no more, no less.

16: Death Begets Life

Type: Death Guard

To the followers of Nurgle, the endless cycle of sowing death that new life may bloom is nothing less than a sacred act.

Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least 7 enemy models were slain during your turn. If at least 14 enemy models were slain during your turn, score D3 Victory Points instead, and score D3+3 Victory Points if at least 21 enemy models were slain during your turn.