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Warhammer 40,000: Compilation (1991), p110 — Genestealer Cult Army List

Up to D6 Summoned Daemons

Daemons may be summoned by means of coven ritual before the battle. Summoned Daemons are chosen (not rolled randomly) from the table below at the listed points cost, and should be appropriate to the patron Power of the summoning coven.

Instead of summoning a Daemon, the player has the option of letting it possess a randomly selected model in the cult force. This costs 500 points regardless of the Daemon type. Roll a D12 and consult the appropriate section of the table below for the possessing Daemon.


Nurglesque Daemons
Great Unclean One6101077101010101010101400
Beast of Nurgle3303533D660101065
Daemon PrinceVariable; see Possession in Realm of Chaos - Slaves to Darkness500

* Note that a Nurgling base consists of more than one model (usually 7), but is treated as a single entity for possession. Possession by a Nurgling Base is an infestation by numerous Daemons, rather than by a single Nurgling.