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The Radical's Handbook (2009), p171 — Disease

Threshold: 20
Focus Time: Half Action
Sustain: No
Range: 5m

With a contemptuous flick of his hand, the sorcerer invites a plague upon his target, who then begins to vomit bile and blood as the skin forms into bulbous pustules. The disease lasts for a number of Rounds equal to 1d10 minus the target's Toughness Bonus. During each Round in which the target is diseased, all of his Characteristics are reduced by 10. Should his Toughness reach zero, the target dies.

Overbleed: For every 5 points by which the sorcerer exceeds the power's threshold, the duration of the disease increases by 1 round.

Special: If a character dies from Disease, his soul is forfeit to the plague god Nurgle. The fallen corpse will decay further and arise as a Plaguebearer (Dark Heresy Rulebook page 354) 5 Rounds later. The Plaguebearer will immediately attack anyone nearby.