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Daemon Hunter (2011), p39-40 — To my most trusted friend

The next Ruinous Power I shudder to consider, for his works are so vile as to turn the stomach and render spoiled every iota of that which remains pure within my soul. He is Nurgle, the Lord of Decay. To dwell long upon Nurgle is to court utter despair, for he is the begetter of every foul plague and pox that has ever afflicted mankind. He would transform the realms of Men into gardens of putrefaction, swamps of sweet decay through which his servants may wallow in their own filth. Yet, many of our order make the mistake of believing Nurgle to be the lord of all deathly things. This is the ultimate mistake, and one that has lead many bold servants of the Emperor to their deaths. The servants of Nurgle bring about death and decay only that new life may be reborn. They extol the eternal cycle of growth and decay, which feeds their vile god and makes each generation stronger than the last. As a bacterium slays the living and produces food on which fungi grow, so Nurgle seeks to bring about the death of the Imperium by rotting it from within. His followers may appear withered and afflicted by the most hideous of plagues, but in truth they become all the stronger from the gifts of their lord.

When faced with the mortal followers of Nurgle, we must be prepared to face corruption on every level imaginable. They seek to spread contagion on the very air itself. They come upon the afflicted and the desperate and offer deliverance, but those who accept are damned for all time. Put them and their works to the flame that not even a single cell shall remain. If you must face the Daemonic servants of Nurgle, steel your soul against the foul sights you will see, and shield your body from plague and corruption by whatever means you have at your disposal. Know that to accede to despair is to invite the gifts of Nurgle, so seek the benediction of the God-Emperor, and go forward with his blessing.