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Daemon Hunter (2011), p82 — Daemons of Nurgle

Daemons of Nurgle come in many varieties; some are a dour lot, gravely counting and indexing the various plagues that ravage the galaxy. Other daemons, however, share their Dark God's tireless joy in spreading pestilence far and wide.

Adventure Seed

A heretic known to dabble in the sorcerous arts leads an Inquisitorial cell of Acolytes or Throne Agents to the Sheol 17 Mechanicus Facility. Sheol 17 is a prison for those convicted of tech-heresy, and within its walls lay many secrets the Mechanicus would prefer to remain undisturbed. However, soon after the Acolytes' arrival, a filth-ridden tide of viruses and plagues erupts from the heretic's cell. His flesh has been infested with the power of a Nurgle Daemon. The Acolytes must somehow contain the Daemon or destroy it before the creature can escape Sheol 17 and spread its legion of plagues across the rest of the Calixis Sector.