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Dark Heresy (2nd ed, 2014), p318 — Nurgle, the Plague Father

Nurgle is the Chaos God of blight and decay, the final end that awaits all mortals. From his pestilent garden within the Warp, where virulent fungi writhe and black flies fill the thick, polluted air, he brings forth endless afflictions and rejoices with each successful plague. Despite embodying entropy and the most loathsome of appearances, he and his Daemons are filled with vitality, enthusiastically offering their gifts of noxious diseases. They delight in sharing these infectious blessings to mortals, offering escape from the horrors of death but at the price of utter corruption to their flesh. Each new disease, each new mortal brought low, is carefully recorded in a never-ending tally. His apostles often become little more than rotting corpses, pestilent shambles of purifying flesh and dripping sores, but with unnaturally resilient flesh that vigorously resists death. Nurgle exists everywhere, for all living things erode and fail, and with each fall his power grows.