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Dark Heresy (2nd ed, 2014), p410 — Preceptor Poxifex Achkovas Spengh

Known only to the Preceptors of the various cult Strains, the overall master of the Callers of Sorrow is Achkovas Spengh, the Preceptor Poxifex. Spengh's history is unclear even to the cult's inner circle. None would suspect it was his dark ambitions that founded the cult centuries ago. The blessings of Nurgle have kept Spengh alive far beyond his natural lifespan, though whether he can still be considered alive in the conventional sense is an open question. Though possessed of an unnatural vigour, the touch of the Plague God is evident. Spengh is horrible to look upon, a bloated mass of ruptured and rotting flesh swathed in filth-encrusted robes that he has worn as long as any can remember. He directs the cult from a concealed abode deep within the darkest and oldest recesses of the Hive, his hideous visage safely hidden from prying eyes.

The Preceptor Poxifex is an appallingly powerful sorcerer, swollen with Nurgle's pestilence. As long as Spengh exists, so do the Callers of Sorrow. Even were each Strain purged and each mutant heaped on the pyre, he could regrow the cult like a corrupt weed. Though it may take centuries for his plans to reach full effect, Spengh is nothing if not patient.