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Dark Heresy Game Master's Kit (2nd ed, 2014), p22 — Conclusions

With the destruction of the Herald and the capture or death of Ferrue, the Blessed Flesh is broken. Any survivors who escape either make their way back to the Callers of Sorrow, or flee deeper into the Underhive's darkness. The Acolytes are left in control of the xenos artefact, and have ostensibly completed their task. They may also have gained some allies for future adventures in the form of Oath-Captain Nils and Vornas Crimson, though this depends on how they treated their new acquaintances along the way.

They have learned about the existence of a greater cult of Nurgle within Desoleum from Ferrue or the notes he has left behind, and they have uncovered more of the hive's Trade Sable and the sector-wide Faceless Trade rife in the dealing of xenos artefacts. Finally, they have the xenos artefact itself, an object of obvious power as yet untapped. They are also left with questions to answer, lest another cult attempt a similar ritual with possibly even more horrendous consequences. If a more powerful artefact exists, it could animate corpses across the entire hive. Desoleum would fall in hours.