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Dark Heresy Game Master's Kit (2nd ed, 2014), p25 — Nurgle's Rot

The psyker focuses his mind on the generosity of Grandfather Nurgle, drawing forth from the Warp a great gift of disease to share with those around him. A noxious and unnatural slime splashes across all those nearby, infecting them with the galaxy's most perfect malady.

Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Difficult (-10) Willpower test
Range: 2 metres x Psy Rating
Sustained: No
Subtype: Attack

Effect: All characters within range (excluding Daemons of Nurgle and those sufficiently devoted to the Plague God) must make a Toughness test. Each target that fails the test immediately suffers 2 x PR Strength damage and 2 x PR Toughness damage. If this results in a character's death, the character is reborn after 2d5 rounds as a Plaguebearer.