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Enemies Beyond (2016), p53 — Daemon Weapon Attributes

Table 2-11: Nurgle Attributes
1d5 RollAttribute
1Bile-Quenched: A creature wounded by this Daemon weapon loses a Half Action in its next turn. This does not affect creatures with the From Beyond, Daemonic, or Machine traits.
2Enfeebling: Each time the weapon inflicts a hit that causes damage, the target suffers 1d10 Strength damage.
3Plague Carrier: Each time this weapon inflicts a hit, it infects its target for the next 7 rounds. At the beginning of each of his turns, an infected target must make a Challenging (+0) Toughness test or suffer 2d10 Impact damage (ignoring armour and Toughness bonus). Any living creature that an infected target touches also becomes infected for 7 rounds (and suffers the effects listed above as well). The bearer of the weapon is immune to this infection.
4Stream of Corruption: The weapon can be used make a ranged attack as a Basic weapon with a range of 30m, dealing 2d10 plus the Daemon's Willpower bonus in Impact damage, with the Felling (2), Corrosive, Spray, and Toxic (3) qualities.
5Pestilent Stench: While the weapon is drawn, all creatures within the Daemon's Willpower bonus in metres, except for the wielder and those devoted to Nurgle, suffer a -10 penalty on Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Agility, Intelligence, and Perception tests.