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Enemies Beyond (2016), p133 — Daemons of Nurgle

The power of Nurgle lies in processes of decay and loss, but it ceases at their conclusions. For as long as mortals struggle against the inevitability of entropy, Nurgle draws strength from their desperation and their doom, but only until it consumes them - the Fly Lord cannot feast on what his victims do not have. Nurgle's Daemons embody this paradox, revelling in rot and foulness but also nurturing their plagues with a grotesque parody of affection. These Daemons are forever jovial and good-humoured, constantly amused by the cruel jest of mortal life. The only thing that spoils the mood of one of Nurgle's Daemons is when their playthings and pets finally die, robbing them of carefully produced entertainment.

The actions of Daemons of Nurgle follow the ebb and flow of Nurgle's power. Where there is health and strength, they seek to spread corruption and putrescence, but where there is squalor and despair, they seek to preserve and expand it. An unchecked Daemon of Nurgle seeks to savour the slow death of worlds, tending them lovingly, and spreading diseases throughout the populace like thoughtful gifts for all they encounter.

The good humour of these Daemons continues even when confronted with a true threat, such as when an Inquisitor steps in to cut out the rot they spread and purge the affliction with holy fire. Advancing forces are frequently greeted as long-lost friends, and as the Daemons strike at them with their slime-coated claws or rusty blades, they might laugh over each blow, or comment on the favour they do to their victim by sharing the gifts of Grandfather Nurgle. For all their cheer, the Daemons are no less deadly to those who oppose them, and they do not hesitate to end a life quickly if it means they can return to spreading their plagues more easily. However, they most often cannot resist toying with opponents. Some Daemons of Nurgle enjoy pretending to spare those who defy them, only to use them as vectors for a new contagion when their victim flees from his tormentor. Such poor souls find their respite only lasts long enough to spread a new plague, before the Daemon returns to recover its wayward "friend".