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Enemies Beyond (2016), p134 — Daemonic Names

Daemons may adopt a variety of titles, some of which might resemble names, but the true name of a Daemon is unlike that of a mortal being. A Daemon's true name can be incorporated into rituals of summoning or binding, or be invoked by its servants to call their master's attention to them. Daemonic names are often very nearly unpronounceable by human tongues, but a trained ritualist learns the intricacies of speaking them exactly as they must be spoken for the power to flow through the strange syllables.

Table 3-1: Daemonic Names on page 135 allows the GM to generate names for Daemonic NPCs with d100 rolls. Each roll on the table provides a single name element. Daemons of greater power have longer, more complex names, while lesser Daemons might have as few as three name elements. For example, a minor Bloodletter of Khorne might be called by invoking the name Dredaruz (composed of the Khorne name elements "dre", "dar", and "uz"), while a powerful Keeper of Secrets might jealously guard its true name of Malya'aishui'iel (made up of the Slaaneshi name elements "ma", "lya", "ais", "hui", and "iel").