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Enemies Beyond (2016), p73-74 — Pact of Survival

Foolishly, some individuals are willing to sacrifice their immortal souls in order to preserve their mortal lives. The Daemons of the Plague Lord are often called on to grant such a boon, but at a grotesque cost.


Infernal Vitality: The character is immune to poisons and the effects from the Toxic quality or trait.

Leech Life Force: Whenever the character kills an opponent, he recovers 1d10 damage.

Timeless: The character slowly returns to the physical appearance and status of his prime, and thereafter does not age. In addition, the character need only spend 2 Fate points, rather than Burn Fate Threshold, in order to survive death.

Unsettling Recovery: The character always heals all damage (including critical damage) within 24 hours, although this does not restore lost limbs or restore him to life should he die.

Unholy Resilience: The character gains the Unnatural Toughness (2) trait.


Deathly Pallor: The character develops a sickly appearance and is as pale as a corpse.

Diseased: The character develops the symptoms of plague, but remains unharmed.

The Hunger: The character is always ravenous, especially for fresh, dripping meat.

Verminous: Flies, maggots, rats, or other vermin always seem to be found around the character.