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Dataslate: Helbrutes (2014) — A Menagerie of Monsters

Thanks to their omnipresent madness, it is possible to generalise about the battlefield roles of Helbrutes. However, no two of these roaring metal beasts are ever exactly the same in appearance. The influence of the Chaos Gods - coupled with the pilot's own dark dreams of glory - will twist each Helbrute's physical form within the Warp. Meanwhile, the warband to which a Helbrute owes allegiance will decorate the beast's armoured hide to their taste. Many emblazon their warband's iconography upon their Helbrutes, and bedeck them in the trappings of their twisted faith. Others leave the maddened machines to mutate however they will, believing it against the will of the gods to interfere in the Helbrute's apotheosis. Thus a Helbrute of the Death Guard may degenerate into a bloated hulk of rusting metal and suppurative, weeping flesh.