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Mark of the Xenos (2011), p126 — Plague Marine Weapons

Giving their loyalty to the Plague Father, Nurgle, Plague Marines are living contagions of disease and death. Many of the weapons employed by these plagued beings likewise transmit horrific and deadly maladies. Listed below are some of the more wicked devices of death designed to please Nurgle and bring about both death and suffering.

Blight Grenades

Bloated and swollen with disease, the Plague Marines long to share their pathogens with those who are hale and hearty. Cultivating these contagions into explosive devices designed to wound and infect over a large area, Blight grenades expose those who are injured by the corrupted pieces of plague-ridden shrapnel to the most deadly of toxins. These contagions can penetrate cracks in armour, cause flesh to boil and slough away, and fill the air with blinding spores, all the while keeping the victim alive until the very end - so they can better enjoy the gifts of the Lord of Decay. Some versions of Blight Grenades resemble maggot-filled shrunken heads.

Plague Knives

Corroded and diseased blades that have been blessed by the great Nurgle, plague knives are sure to deliver their blighted corruption to any who are even scratched by them. These are one of the ways the dreaded Plague Marines deliver their "benedictions" across the galaxy.